Montana, Day 3

Day 3 in Montana was a travel day. We’re leaving the Bitterroot Valley and heading towards Big Sky, a ski resort south of Bozeman.

Or plan was to drive first Helena, the capitol of Montana. We were not impressed with Helena, it looked like they were trying to breathe life into the historic district but it just wasn’t working. Perhaps it’s the economy. The numerous strip malls throughout Helena didn’t help. We pretty much got a burrito and headed south towards Bozeman to pick up some odorless turps. Earlier I picked up some of that natural terpenoids, Nasty stuff. It’s very difficult to clean ones brush with that stuff. Anyway, after our stop in Bozeman we headed south, an hours drive to Big Sky.

We arrived at our beautiful house around 5:00pm. A big thanks must go out to my very generous collectors for offering their home to us for the week.

Driving through Montana you truly do understand why they call Montana, “Big Sky Country”. It really is quite expansive.

And we’re already missing the Bitterroot Valley.

Here are a few shots from our drive.









3 thoughts on “Montana, Day 3

  1. Beautiful photos and I can’t wait to see the paintings that come from this! I would like more input about the turps you use. Is it turpentine or mineral spirits the best to use. I’m using an odorless turpenoid turpentine substitute, is that what is the nasty stuff you say doesn’t clean your brushs well? I do seem to be working harder at cleaning mine!

    • Mary,

      I use odorless turpenoid for cleaning brushes not for the actual painting. The “natural” turpenoid is thick and difficult to out of your brushes while your painting.

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