Salon International at Greenhouse Gallery

So I’m doing someting a little different for this years Salon International show at Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art in San Antonio, TX.  I normally enter my landscape paintings because it’s what I’m known for and what my collectors expect, at least most of them.  This year I decided to enter 2 still life paintings, “Figs” and “A Good Start”.  I’m happy to say that both piece were accepted into the show.

As an artist I’m always trying to keep things fresh, not only for my collectors but for myself as well.  I want to continue to grow and take a few chances with my art.  It can be difficult though.  There are times the demand for my landscapes make it difficult to try new things.  I’ve had more time in the past couple of years to do try some of these news things, including a few still life paintings. This is the first time I’ve entered still life’s in a national recognized show.

I hope the collectors of my landscape work find these pieces to be a breath of fresh air at the Salon International even though it may take them awhile to find them. The show opens on April 2nd.

Figs, 7 x 14, Oil on Linen

A Good Start, 18 x 22, Oil on Linen


Canyonlands – The Art of the Grand Canyon

I’ve been invited to take part in the “Canyonlands, Art of the Grand Canyon” show at Huey’s Fine Art in Santa Fe New Mexico.  The show opens this Saturday February 11th.  The following paintings will be exhibited and available for purchase.

This is actually the first time I’m showing my Grand Canyon paintings so I’m pretty excited.  As I discussed in an earlier post painting the Grand Canyon was a very overwhelming experience but I really learned a lot painting these 3 pieces.  The most important thing was to slow down and really make sure the drawing was correct. And of course the colors are so much different then what I see here in California.  Though my palette of colors remained the same, the way in which they were used and mixed was very different.

I look forward to painting the Grand Canyon in the future and hopefully I can remember what I’ve learned on these 3 and apply it to the next group of paintings.

I hope you enjoy my work of the Grand Canyon.

Canyon Light, 18 x 12, Oil on Linen

Canyon Beauty, 10 x 18, Oil on Linen

Canyon Rain, 20 x 22, Oil on Linen