Happy Memorial Day

Let’s make sure we all remember what this weekend is about and say thanks to all those who are currently serving and have served in our nation’s defense around the world.


Rocky Shoreline, Pacific Grove Demo

Rocky Shore, Pacific Grove, 15 x 15, Oil on Linen

The first steps are simply drawing in the major shapes and blocking in my shadows.

Still blocking shadows.  Blocking in light.

Still blocking in the light and adjusting values and color

Continuing to add color and adjusting values.  Also beginning to add details.

Making final adjustments to the color, values and edges.

A Glimpse of History

OK, this time there are no new paintings to show just a glimpse of history.  My wife and I really enjoy collecting antiques, beautiful antiques.  We believe that antiques are not just old things but things that have a history, things have a beauty because their creators intended them to have beauty not just a purpose.  They we’re created by artists in the past, those who came before us left there mark in history and some of it lives on today.  Antiques also have a story to tell.  Sometimes the stories are well known, they’re part of the provenance of the piece, but other times the stories are unknown.  We have a kitchen table that was made in England sometime in the 1920s.  Now I don’t know the story of this table but I know it has one.  What kind of discussions were shared around the table? What kind of tears? What kind of laughter? What kind of prayers lifted to a loving God?  The table was made before World War 2, so it must have a story to tell.  I love that about antiques.

Part of our collection includes antique photos of artists painting.  I love these pieces of history, art history.  They tell the story of who came before us; Where they painted, what they painted and even how they dressed while painting (very different from how we dress today while painting).  I have a collection of about 20 or so, a few of which hang in my studio. It’s a reminder to me of those who came before us trying to bring a little beauty into a beautiful but broken world. It’s what I and others try to do everyday with our work.  It’s what others will do after we’re long gone. Remember, we’re all a part of history, make sure you tell your story.

Gotta love the hat and the gear. Size: 3 x 4

2 ladies painting en plein air in Laguna. Size: 8 x 10

The Prince of Sweden painting from the back of his car. Is this cool? Size: 7 x 9

2 Ladies drawing on the sidewalk and looking good in those dresses. Size: 2.5 x 4

2 New Paintings of Pacific Grove

Here are 2 new paintings of Pacific Grove which is located between Carmel and Monterey. During each spring Pacific Grove comes to life with this amazing ice plant and it’s small pink flowers in full bloom.  The ice plant isn’t native to Pacific Grove (I don’t think) but really has become a part of Pacific Grove, especially along the road which makes it’s way along the coast.  The same can be said of the red and green ice plant in Asilomar where they’re removing it because it’s not indigenous to the area and very invasive.  Actually they appear to be poisoning it first then removing it and it’s quite an eye sore before it’s removed.  The good news is that they are introducing native species to the dunes bringing them back to their original beauty.  One thing for sure, the artists who love to paint that stuff really will miss it. Ok, enough of the ice plant history lesson.

I hope you enjoy these new paintings.  They can be seen in person at New Masters Gallery in Carmel sometime at the end of next week.

Spring in Pacific Grove, 18 x 24, Oil on Linen

Pacific Grove, 12 x 9, Oil on Linen

Coastal Guardian

On a recent trip to the Carmel area, mainly Pebble Beach, I came upon this great view of the Lone Cypress.  The Lone Cypress is considered the most photographed tree in the world.  I never really understood the fuss.  Sure it was a nice view, but the shape of the tree itself is really nothing to write home about, at least the shape as seen from the parking lot. (There are plenty of other cypress trees in the area that have the “classic” cypress tree shape.)  This is the seen that everybody in the world who has visited this location has seen, photographed and even painted.  On this particular trip I decided to break a few rules (more like guidelines) by hopping the fence to see what can be seen from a different view, a new perspective.  I found it about 20ft below to the west of the Lone Cypress. It was a little dicey and precarious, but some of the best views usually are.  This view, at least to my eye, was a much more pleasing view.  My painting below titled “Coastal Guardian” is my first attempt of the Lone Cypress from this view.  No, this piece was not painted on location, like I said earlier, a little precarious, especially with painting gear.

By the way.  The Pebble Beach Company actually owns the copyrights to this location, not just their logo which contains a portion of the tree and the rock on which it stands.  How is this possible?  Pebble Beach Company had no part in the creation of the “Lone Cypress”.  I must say that I find this pretty offensive.

Anyway, I hope you like it.

Coastal Guardian, 36 x 30, Oil on Linen

Carmel Art Festival 2010

FOG, FOG AND MORE FOG.  That’s the only way to describe the 3 days of painting in Monterey County during this years Carmel Art Festival.  I’ve been participating in this show since 2004 and we have never experienced fog that just stuck around the whole time.  Oh, sure the fog cleared up if you we’re inland a few miles, but on the coast, where I worked, it never did.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually like working in the fog, but 5 straight days was a bit much.  Friday was the worst, it was not only foggy but also very cold and breezy, miserable!

Ok, I got the complaining out of the way.  All in all it was good to get out painting again along the coast.  I painted in an area just north of Moss Landing and spent most of my time in Pebble Beach along 17 Mile Drive.  I feel very blessed to be living in an area of such beauty. Below are the 2 paintings I turned in for the show which took place on Saturday.  The first piece is titled “In the Veiled Light” (18 x 12) received 2nd Place and the Mayor’s Choice Award.  The next piece is titled “Pebble Beach Tapestry” and it’s a 12 x 14.  I also built the 2 tabernacle frames for each of these paintings as well.

In the Veiled Light, 18 x 12. 2nd Place and Mayor's Choice Awards

Pebble Beach Tapestry, 12 x 14