Keeping it Fresh

Over the past few months I’ve been having the urge to painting something new and fresh.  This urge is what led me to New York and Central Park and it’s the same urge that’s leading me to paint cityscapes and architectural elements. I don’t have any plans to stop painting the landscape, I find way to much inspiration in it to do that, but I do want to add to the scope of which I paint and find inspiration.  It’s always a bit of a scary thing to step out and try something new, this is no exception.  What will people think? Will they like the work? Will they add this new work to their collections? Regardless of how these questions are answered I must step out in faith.  It’s part of my growth as a painter and as a human being.

I’m very excited to find where this journey will take me, it’s already taken me to New York.  I’ve also visited San Francisco to view some of the great architectural pieces in the city including the Palace of Fine Arts.  Obviously this new direction will reveal more of the hand of man in the cityscapes and architectural elements whereas the landscapes really revealed the beauty and creative hand of God.  My hope is to bring these two elements, the hand of God and the hand of Man, together.

It’s always been easy to find beauty in the landscape,  you just need to have your eyes open. You can even close your eyes and listen, it can be heard. But what about the beauty in the City?  The beauty of the city is not as easily seen or heard.  This will be my challenge. But beauty is present if we simply open our eyes, once again, and see.  The beauty of a creative God passed down to the creative hand of man.  It can be found in the beautiful architecture and sculptural elements so often found in our big cities, cities that have a history. The Palace of Fine Arts is a great example of this historical architecture as well as the sculptural elements.  Completed in 1915, It was the main attraction of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition.  My painting “Moonlit Grace” is one of my first examples of architectural elements at The Palace of Fine Arts.  Another example is my painting “St. Brigid”.  This piece is from the beautiful sculpture of St. Brigid (Artist: Seamus Murphy, 1948) above the front door of the St. Brigid Church in San Francisco.

I hope you enjoy these new pieces.  I look forward to discovering more of this beauty in our cities.

Moonlit Grace

Moonlit Grace, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, 16 x 8


St. Brigid, St. Brigid Chuch, San Francisco, 25 x 9, Oil on Linen