Let it Snow

Snow,  I haven’t painted much of it until this past December.  I was recently conducting a workshop (one of my very few workshops) in December and prior to my arrival in Placerville there had a major snow storm.  One resident of thearea said that it was a 30 year storm.  There was a lot of snow for this area.  I’ve been traveling to Placerville since I was a young kid visiting my grandparents and I have never seen snow this heavy at these elevations.  It was beautiful.  I have always been drawn to snow in the lower elevations where stands of oaks and farmland co exist, but in California this doesn’t happen very often, at least not in the amount I witnessed in December.

I had always admired the work of Russel Chatham, the grandson of artist Gottardo Piazzoni  (1872-1945).  His work had a certain mood to it and his snow scenes are no exception.  Often his snow paintings ( and most everything I’ve ever seen) had very low light and very little strong direct light.  I love the softness and rich color and textures that he was able to convey, especially challenging when there is no direct light.  This challenge is also what I gravitate to.  How to create depth and interest in a painting that has no direct light source and snow makes it even more challenging.

Below are my first 3 examples of my work after seeing the beauty of the snowfall this December in and around Placerville, CA.  The frames on each of these paintings are antique, made in the early 1900’s.  The paintings are available at Sekula’s Fine Art and Fine Antiques in Sacramento, CA.

I hope you enjoy them.

Winter's Eve (El Dorado, CA) 12 x 13, Oil on Linen

December Snow, El Dorado, CA, 7 x 12, Oil on Linen

December, 10 x 14, Oil on Linen