Missing Friends & Painting on Location

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to really get out and paint.  While painting for my last show at New Masters Gallery in Carmel, I found myself painting in the studio a lot.  I enjoy painting in the studio with all of it’s creature comforts, like no wind, no hot sun beating down on me, no threat of rain, no bugs crawling up my legs just when I’m about to lay down that most important brush stoke, nobody yelling at me to get off their property and no Jack-Wagons honking their horn just as they pass me on the road.  But you know what? I really miss all these things.  But most of ll I missed hanging out with other painters.

In the past 2 weeks I’ve spent some time painting with my good friends Kim Lordier, Jesse Powell, Brian Blood and Laurie Kersey.

We spent a lot of time painting but we also spent a lot of time just hanging out and talking. We talked about more than just art, we talked about or families and life. We talked about the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series.  We discussed the pro and cons of the Ipad II versus the Ipad Mini and talked about our struggling economy and the upcoming elections.  We ate good food & wine (Brian Blood is an amazing cook.) We watched the news as Hurricane Sandy was making landfall in New York.

As you can probably see, It was really good for my soul to get out again. But not just to paint, to reconnect with friends. That was the real blessing to my soul.

Here are some shots from my recent excursions.

Kim working on her pastel

My painting of the hanging Petunia’s.

Laurie Kersey, Jesse Powell and Brian Blood at Garapatta

Jesse Powell painting from the cliffs at Garapatta.

On the precipice


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