The Love of My Life & My Best Friend

Today marks 25 years of being married to my best friend, Janice. I love many things about her, these are just a few.

The love of my lfe

I love her faith.

I love how she dreams…big. And I love how those dreams include me.

I love how she continues to love me when I can’t always fulfill those dreams…at least not yet

I love how she loves our kids, she is an amazing mother who gives so much.

I love how brave she is, she had open heart surgery a few years ago to repair a very large hole in heart. (the size of a quarter!)

I love riding bikes with her

I love how she’s willing to laugh at herself.

I love how she was willing to hold my hand when I quit my job to pursue a life long dream off painting.  It was like walking off the rim of the Grand Canyon and she was willing to come with me. And, by the way, she continues to hold my hand.

I love how we witnessed the sunset on the Grand Canyon together for the first time.

I love how we stood atop Half Dome in Yosemite to celebrate her 40th Birthday.

I love her slighty deformed left hand fingers that makes her uniquely her.

I love her sexyness ( That’s right, I said it)

I love how she loves Jesus; with all her heart and brokeness.

I love the cute grin on her face when she sneaks a bowl of ice cream. It’s the same cute grin she has when she wants something from me.

I love how she’s willing to push past her fears and race downhill on her bike going over 40 miles an hour.

I love how she loves good wine, good food and even better friends.

I love how she supports me and my wild dreams.

I love how she can calm my soul when it most needs calming.

I love how much she likes chick flicks and likes them even more when I watch them with her. We’re watching one as I write this post, Notting Hill. I love that movie.

I love her loving patience, and kind heart.

I love how much she loves this wildly unpredictable life that God and has given us, even though it can be very hard.

Speaking of unpredictable.  I love how she’s willing to go skydiving next week to celebrate our daughters 21st birthday.

Most of all I love how God brought her into my life 27 years ago and that she found it possible to love me as she does.

Happy Anniversary to my best friend, lover and love of my life.


12 thoughts on “The Love of My Life & My Best Friend

  1. Keven, I just read your blog, and you made me cry. I am so touched by the sincere Gratitude shown in the tribute to your wife. you are truly Blessed, and rich beyond the material.
    I am an Artist, and I first saw your work in Carmel and was so attracted to your beautiful style. What is interesting, is when ever I come across an Artist that I am really in Ahh of , when I find out a little more about them, Its the Spiritual Artist that lays deep inside and what is expressed in your Art comes through that brush in your hand and onto the canvas . Its not just talent, its heart and soul.Thats a reminder to me, to keep on growing and learning, and appreciating nature and expressing the gift of creativity given from our creator.The book (The Magic”) by Rhonda Byrnes, expressed the importance of focusing on Gratitude and to always say Thank You, Thank You Thank You.
    Thanks you for sharing. Carolyn Paterson

  2. Kevin – I just read your blog and all I can say is “BEAUTIFUL!!” Congratulations to you and Janice….I hope and pray the two of you are doing well and that the kids are well too. I miss you all and will always have fond memories or our time as colleagues at Media Arts Group and watching you develop into the wonderful man and artist that you have become. I wish you and Janice continued blessings and a most happy life. I will always remember you through the painting i have that you did when you and Thomas Kinkade went painting together in Carmel. Thank you for that picture and for naming it “Memories of Jamaica.” Even though I know the origin, it reminded me of a very special place. I miss you all much and hope that one day soon our paths will cross again…God’s Blessings to you – Barbara Smith –

  3. Kevin and Janice~ happy anniversary ~ this is such a loving tribute and it is so wonderful to see two people so in love after weathering so many life experiences~ may you share many many more years of happiness together! ; D

  4. Kevin, I’ve become a fan of your work in the last couple of years. As a “flat-lander” stuck in the Midwest, I crave the subject matter you have to work with. I also like your openness and transparency, including your relationship with Jesus. I’ve been married 41 years to the girl who Jesus led into my life, just like yours. We are lucky (blessed, in reality) men, and I’m glad to read of your appreciation of His grace to us!

    • Jim,

      Sorry for such a slow response to your comments, I, at times, rarely check my comments from my blog.

      Thanks for your kinds words regarding, not only my work, but my faith in Jesus as well. It’s interesting how you “crave” the subject matter I have here in California as I often crave for the landscape of the Midwest. The grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence. I do recognize, however, that I’m very blessed to be living a California with such diverse beauty.

      All the best to you, Kevin

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