A Great Time was had by All

I’m back at work in the studio after a great weekend in Petaluma teaching my “Nocturne” workshop at the very cool L’Atelier aux Couleurs in Petaluma, CA.

Over the course of the 3 days I spent the first part of the morning working on a demo painting and the rest of the day helping the students on their paintings.  We had a very committed group of painters who would often paint till 6 in the evening, the workshop officially ended at 4 in the afternoon, like I said, “committed”. It’s great to see people so eager to learn something that can be very overwhelming.  Their commitment to improving over the 3 days really showed. All of the students made great strides in their work by the end of the workshop on Sunday afternoon. We also spent the evenings just hanging out eating good food, drinking good wine and talking about art and life.

Thank you to Carole Gray-Weihman and Al Tofanelli for being wonderful hosts and thank you to all the students who attended for making it a pleasure to share.

Not sure when my next workshop will be but we’re in the planning stage now, we might even throw in a couple of “Demo Days” to change things up.  We’ll have more information on future workshops and demo days on my website, my blog and at latelieraux couleursofpetaluma.com.

Here’s a sample of one of my demos from the workshop.  3 of the other demos found homes.

Whispers in the Moonlight, 10 x 12, oil on linen.


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