Art of the West Misquote/Typo

In the March/April issue of Art of the West magazine there is a glaring misquote that I need to correct.  The writer states that on my blog I state the following “Courter explains how a particular grove of eucalyptus trees remind him of an elephant woman draped in a gown…”  an Elephant women, seriously?!  My blog actually refers to a grove of eucalyptus trees as an elegant woman draped in a flowing gown.

As you can imagine, I’m quite embarrassed by the misquote and wanted to clear things up.  The actual quote can be read on my blog at the following link:

Thanks for taking the time to read.


One thought on “Art of the West Misquote/Typo

  1. Hey, Kevin.
    Sorry to hear about the misquote. Clearly the magazine made an error…and I think they will be the ones who people ask, “Don’t they review their work before they send it to the printers?”

    The beauty and elegance of your work, on the other hand, speaks for itself.

    Keep creating beauty for all of us to enjoy,


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