“I’m not a shop boy, I just work in a shop.”

What to write for the blog?  This has been a question I often ask myself, especially lately.  You’ve probably noticed that there can be large amounts of time between my posts.  It’s not intentional. I actually am painting and getting work done.  However, there are times when I feel like I want to share more about life, my life, not just about what my technique is when I paint, what colors are on my palette or where my next show will be.  I’d like to think I have more to offer.  I’d like to think we all have something more to offer than just one aspect of our lives.

You might be asking “where is this is going and where did it come from”?  Well, I was watching a movie last night with my family titled “Stardust“, you may have seen it.  It’s about a young boy out looking for adventure and love.  He has dreams…big, daring dreams. In the beginning of the movie there’s a certain young woman he has his eye on and he’s doing everything he can to get her attention.  It’s important to say that this young man works in a small market.  In one scene the 2 are having a semi romantic picnic, at least he thinks of it as being romantic. During their conversation she refers to him as a “shop boy”, from his perspective, not a term of endearment.  His response? “I’m not a shop boy, I just work in a shop.”  I love that line and it got me thinking about my own life, being an artist and how I use this blog. There’s much more to the movie, check it out sometime.

“I’m an artist, but I’m not just an artist.” God has blessed me with an amazing wife, 3 great kids and 1 pain-in-the-butt-but-we-love-her-dearly dog named Sienna.  Together we live an amazing life.  Nothing flashy. No fancy cars, no sparkly bling, heck, we don’t even own our own home…yet. Our life is not even easy at times, but no ones life is truly easy. We have close friends that we love dearly and a family that loves us dearly. We have a great church along with some pretty great neighbors.

A little over eight years ago, I, along with my family, took a huge step of faith to follow a dream to paint full time.  It’s a dream I’ve had since I was a very young boy. I’m living that dream.  But that’s not all I’m doing and it’s not all I am, it’s not all I have a passion for.

I recently discovered a passion that was buried many years ago; cycling.  Not just cycling to the store to pick up a gallon milk, but some serious cycling.  My wife and I have been riding for a few months now and it’s been amazing. It’s been great to share cycling with her.  My brother came up from his home in the LA area to ride with us for a couple of days.  We had a great time spending time with him, but it wasn’t nearly long enough.  Oh yeah, there was no painting during that time.  I dedicated my time to riding with my wife and brother.  It may seem shocking to you, but art rarely enters my mind when I’m on my bike.  When it does, it’s usually because of the beautiful area we’re riding through that brings it to mind. It’s brought balance back to my life. Painting is not all I think about, nor should it be.

A few days ago I took the day off from painting and all things related to “work” and joined my wife to go watch the uphill finish of the Tour of California in the hills above San Jose.  For those of you not familiar with The Tour of California, it’s the largest professional bike race in the country.  The worlds top professional cycling teams come to California to race for 8 days. We love this stuff.  We both look forward to watching the Tour de France on TV every year.  We wake up early each morning to watch it live.  This year will be a little different, instead of watching it early in the morning we’ll be out riding and catching the numerous replays during the day.  We drive our kids nuts for the month of July watching the Tour de France on TV throughout the day.  It’s our dream to go watch the tour live in France one day.

“I’m an artist, but I’m not just an artist.”  I’ll be sharing more of these stories and passions with you in upcoming posts.  I don’t want you to worry though, I’ll still share my art and all the things that go into it.  Many of the things I have a passion for such as cycling, hiking, fishing and hunting take place outdoors, in and around the very places I paint.  There’s a connection. There’s a common thread that winds it’s way throughout my life.  I want to share these things with you. Take a look at the photos below from our trip to the bike race, can you see the connection? One of them might be a painting.

If you need balance in your life, I hope these stories inspire you to bring balance to your own life.

It was a beautiful day

The Tour of California on Sierra Road in San Jose, CA

Chris Horner, winner of the day and eventual winner of the whole race.

3 thoughts on ““I’m not a shop boy, I just work in a shop.”

  1. Kevin:
    A delightful post. When I check in on your site, I’m always thinking painting and therefore it is rewarding to have your latest contribution to allow us to see more of your character and the other things that fill up your and be reminded of the things that fill our lives.

    Like you, painting is a BIG part of my life now that I’m retired, but there are other things…like our new granddaughter. Our first grand child. I paint almost daily, but on Wednesday, painting is put aside, at least for the 8 or so hours we have Rosalie to watch over. She’s 7 months, and a delight. Life is not one-dimensional.

    Like you we enjoy the Tour de France each year and this year saw several days of the Tour of California.

    Keep biking, painting and writing.
    Thanks for your post,

    PS. Congratulations on the Carmel Quickdraw win. A great story and glad it ended well, and in control.

  2. Great post, Kevin. Thanks for sharing all of your life. You are an inspiration (and the great part is, you’re not trying to be!)

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