A New Experience: The Palette Knife

On a normal day in the studio or out on location my palette knife is used to clean off my palette or scrape paint off of a painting that’s gone terribly wrong.  Well not today.  Today I actually used this thing to help create my newest painting/experiment.  The title of the painting is “Spanish Bay Shores”.  It was actually a lot of fun playing with this technique and I’ve never had so much paint on my canvas before.  I’m not gonna talk about how I did it, 1 palette knife painting doesn’t make me an expert.

Can’t wait to head to the art materials store to pick up a few palette knives in different sizes and shapes.

Spanish Bay Shores, 14 x 18, Oil on Linen


5 thoughts on “A New Experience: The Palette Knife

  1. I love it! Welcome to the magical world of palette knife painting! my fave kind is a funny little one that is shaped like a flattish elipse– about 3 cm long and .3 cm wide at its widest spot. Enjoy the fun!


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