Rocky Shoreline, Pacific Grove Demo

Rocky Shore, Pacific Grove, 15 x 15, Oil on Linen

The first steps are simply drawing in the major shapes and blocking in my shadows.

Still blocking shadows.  Blocking in light.

Still blocking in the light and adjusting values and color

Continuing to add color and adjusting values.  Also beginning to add details.

Making final adjustments to the color, values and edges.


6 thoughts on “Rocky Shoreline, Pacific Grove Demo

  1. Excellent painting, Kevin! Very nice composition. I just love your work. I noticed that you had originally had the pink blossoms of the ice plant in the forground continue up to the left, and then you changed it to some shrubery. Good change. It breaks that forground up and keeps us contained in the composition and transitions us more easily to the rocks. Otherwise the forground would have been too separated from the rocks. Am I correct in assuming this?
    Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I study your work often and am always blown away!

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