A Glimpse of History

OK, this time there are no new paintings to show just a glimpse of history.  My wife and I really enjoy collecting antiques, beautiful antiques.  We believe that antiques are not just old things but things that have a history, things have a beauty because their creators intended them to have beauty not just a purpose.  They we’re created by artists in the past, those who came before us left there mark in history and some of it lives on today.  Antiques also have a story to tell.  Sometimes the stories are well known, they’re part of the provenance of the piece, but other times the stories are unknown.  We have a kitchen table that was made in England sometime in the 1920s.  Now I don’t know the story of this table but I know it has one.  What kind of discussions were shared around the table? What kind of tears? What kind of laughter? What kind of prayers lifted to a loving God?  The table was made before World War 2, so it must have a story to tell.  I love that about antiques.

Part of our collection includes antique photos of artists painting.  I love these pieces of history, art history.  They tell the story of who came before us; Where they painted, what they painted and even how they dressed while painting (very different from how we dress today while painting).  I have a collection of about 20 or so, a few of which hang in my studio. It’s a reminder to me of those who came before us trying to bring a little beauty into a beautiful but broken world. It’s what I and others try to do everyday with our work.  It’s what others will do after we’re long gone. Remember, we’re all a part of history, make sure you tell your story.

Gotta love the hat and the gear. Size: 3 x 4

2 ladies painting en plein air in Laguna. Size: 8 x 10

The Prince of Sweden painting from the back of his car. Is this cool? Size: 7 x 9

2 Ladies drawing on the sidewalk and looking good in those dresses. Size: 2.5 x 4


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