2 New Paintings of Pacific Grove

Here are 2 new paintings of Pacific Grove which is located between Carmel and Monterey. During each spring Pacific Grove comes to life with this amazing ice plant and it’s small pink flowers in full bloom.  The ice plant isn’t native to Pacific Grove (I don’t think) but really has become a part of Pacific Grove, especially along the road which makes it’s way along the coast.  The same can be said of the red and green ice plant in Asilomar where they’re removing it because it’s not indigenous to the area and very invasive.  Actually they appear to be poisoning it first then removing it and it’s quite an eye sore before it’s removed.  The good news is that they are introducing native species to the dunes bringing them back to their original beauty.  One thing for sure, the artists who love to paint that stuff really will miss it. Ok, enough of the ice plant history lesson.

I hope you enjoy these new paintings.  They can be seen in person at New Masters Gallery in Carmel sometime at the end of next week.

Spring in Pacific Grove, 18 x 24, Oil on Linen

Pacific Grove, 12 x 9, Oil on Linen


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