Coastal Guardian

On a recent trip to the Carmel area, mainly Pebble Beach, I came upon this great view of the Lone Cypress.  The Lone Cypress is considered the most photographed tree in the world.  I never really understood the fuss.  Sure it was a nice view, but the shape of the tree itself is really nothing to write home about, at least the shape as seen from the parking lot. (There are plenty of other cypress trees in the area that have the “classic” cypress tree shape.)  This is the seen that everybody in the world who has visited this location has seen, photographed and even painted.  On this particular trip I decided to break a few rules (more like guidelines) by hopping the fence to see what can be seen from a different view, a new perspective.  I found it about 20ft below to the west of the Lone Cypress. It was a little dicey and precarious, but some of the best views usually are.  This view, at least to my eye, was a much more pleasing view.  My painting below titled “Coastal Guardian” is my first attempt of the Lone Cypress from this view.  No, this piece was not painted on location, like I said earlier, a little precarious, especially with painting gear.

By the way.  The Pebble Beach Company actually owns the copyrights to this location, not just their logo which contains a portion of the tree and the rock on which it stands.  How is this possible?  Pebble Beach Company had no part in the creation of the “Lone Cypress”.  I must say that I find this pretty offensive.

Anyway, I hope you like it.

Coastal Guardian, 36 x 30, Oil on Linen


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