“Get me out of this studio!”

To much time in the studio, that’s been me for the past few months.  Well, I finally got out and saw the world again. It’s good to do that as often has we can.  It’s so easy, at least for me, to just camp out in the studio (or office) during those long winter months. Being cooped up in the studio can lead to feeling less than inspired and hardly motivated.

After some much needed rain, the weather here in California has been beautiful.   I know,  I shouldn’t complain about the weather in California, but we’ve been getting a lot of much needed rain.  It’s made it a little difficult to get out and a little easier to stay in the studio.  Last week I was able to take a drive down the coast towards Elkhorn Slough and the surrounding area.  Elkhorn Slough is a few miles north of Monterey.  The light that morning was amazing. A thin veil of fog blanketed the area which slowly gave way to the morning sun.  I’ve always been inspired by the combination of sunlight breaking through the marine layer and that’s exactly what I had this particular morning.  This wasn’t a painting trip but a trip to photograph and to simply see and observe as much as possible.   I came back to the studio later that day thoroughly inspired to work.

Below is my first painting from this drive in the early days of spring, a drive to be inspired.

In the Early Days of Spring, 30 x 60, Oil on Linen


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