Kevin Courter & Terry Miura; Two Northern California Painters

First off, my apologies for not getting something new posted on the blog in quite sometime.  I’ve very busy painting for my Central Park show, as well as the up coming “Kevin Courter & Terry Miura; Two Northern California Painters“.

I’ve known Terry for a number of years now and had the opportunity to paint with him on a week long pack-mule trip to the Sierra just a couple of years ago.  Whether his paintings depict a fog veiled marsh or the rich architecture of a Paris street, Terry’s exceptional work evokes an emotional response which is so rare in paintings today.  I’m honored to be in this show with Terry.  See more of Terry’s work

The paintings for this show will be framed by master frame-maker Tim Holton of Holton Studio Frame Makers.  Holton Studio Frame-Makers is the studio of frame-makers Timothy Holton and Trevor Davis.  After 18 years in picture framing, Timothy Holton founded Holton Studio Frame-Makers in 1993 at its current location in Emeryville, California (in the San Francisco Bay Area, next to Berkeley and Oakland).  Originally called Holton Furniture and Frame, its mission was to operate as a designer/maker studio in the tradition of the Arts and Crafts Movement, producing wooden frames, mirrors, lighting and occasional furniture. In 1999 the name of the business was changed to reflect our focus on framing and our expertise in frame-making — Tim’s primary trade since 1975.

Along with Tim, the artisans that make up the Studio are Trevor Davis and Eric Johnson. While Tim, as owner, gets to have his name on the shingle over the door, Trevor and Eric are every bit as instrumental to making the 600-700 frames the shop produces a year.

The show starts on March 27th with a reception that’s open to all. Show Location: Holton Studio: 5515 Doyle Street, Emeryville, CA (510)450-0350

Along the Slough, Moss Landing, 16 x 16

View the above painting masterly framed

Through the Trees, 12 x 16


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