New Painting: Fog on Pebble Beach

Just completed my largest painting to date.  The piece is titled “Fog on Pebble Beach” and it’s 26 x 72.  The challenge with this piece, or any piece that has fog or low light conditions, is making sure the painting has life and depth. As landscape artists we are always trying to capture light, it’s what often draws us to paint any given scene. We wake up in the morning hoping for light. We’ll drive for hours looking for it, sometimes without success. We’ve chased it around like like a dog that has our shoe. The fact that light is present gives the landscape depth and can provide a palette full of rich color. But what happens when direct light is not present? Should we keep driving? Move to the next spot? Maybe we should get our gear out and give it a go. Be challenged. Let’s not miss the beauty that’s right in front of us. I look forward to these opportunities. As many of you know, I love moody paintings and fog is the perfect opportunity to “get moody”.

I was drawn to this scene in Pebble Beach by the long horizontal  lines of the rocky coastline and the strong rich color found in the weathered, sea-battered rocks. Fog almost always has a sense of peace, quiet and calmness and it’s what I’ve tried to capture in this piece.

Fog on Pebble Beach, 26 x 72, Oil on Linen

Fog on Pebble Beach, 26 x 72, Oil on Linen


2 thoughts on “New Painting: Fog on Pebble Beach

  1. Beautiful work Kevin, I wish I could see it up close! I’m glad you addressed the light-chasing business, having come to Upstate NY from Florida, I’m finding that I can’t count on light like I used to…
    Instead, I’ve got to contend with the inevitable clouds, overcast, and atmosphere.
    And, I have to work much quicker. Driving 50 miles to the spot, waiting on the same conditions, can’t keep this up very long…

    Congrats on your biggest work! I bet you feel great with this accomplishment.


  2. Yes, I’d like to see it up close too.

    This is beautifully “moody”. Difficult I think to manage but you have plenty of light and have captured the feeling of the foggy day all the same.

    Wonderful work as always.

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